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If you are interested in this dead horse, you might be interested to know...
Forever Bronze

My friend Sara, who knows all about the Joe Bailey Project, because even after two and a half years of listening to me whine and gripe is still nice enough to ask, "How's the horse project going?" (and still seems genuinely interested), brought to my attention a fact about bronzes- they will last forever. That's a long time.

She knew this because Alan Weisman told her. Sara saw Alan discussing his book The World Without Us on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In the book Alan quotes David Olson, head materials scientist at the Colorado School of Mines:

...don't be fooled... by massive steel buildings, steamrollers, tanks, railway tracks, or the shine on your stainless cutlery. Bronze sculptures will outlast all of it.

So, donate $2500 or more to the GJB Project and receive a bronze statue of Joe Bailey. That bronze horse is going to outlast us all!

2007-11-01 03:00:17 GMT