Wendy's Blog About the GJB Project
If you are interested in this dead horse, you might be interested to know...
Submitted to the Gonzales Inquirer October 19, 2007 and published October 23, 2007

The Gonzales Joe Bailey Memorial Project Committee met for the first time in February of 2005. The committee collectively shared a vision of creating a unique and artistic monument that would not only honor American Quarter Horse foundation sire, Gonzales Joe Bailey, and enhance the J.B. Wells Park arena complex, but also serve to share Gonzales' own piece of equine history with the multitude of people, young and old, who visit the arena complex every year. Additionally, the committee had the far reaching idea of capturing the many stories of Joe Bailey’s life, and the highly unusual event of his exhumation in a documentary that would emphasize our county and our country’s rural agricultural heritage.

For better than two and a half years, the committee has patiently and persistently worked to get our proverbial ducks in a row creating a solid foundation on which to build this memorial project. We have just begun earnest fundraising efforts and are seeking support from individuals, businesses, and organizations, in and out of this community, who believe in the importance of preserving this piece of equine, Texas and American history.

2007-11-01 03:09:03 GMT