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If you are interested in this dead horse, you might be interested to know...
In the beginning...

Many years ago when my husband David and I were searching for property in the Gonzales area, we were tromping around the old Ellis place (as we would later learn it was called) with the real estate agent. Under some old mesquites and nearly obscured by weeds was a grave marker.

Well you know how sometimes your mind only sees what it thinks it should see?

I made my way to the front of the marker and called out, "Hey, there's a guy buried here. His name was Joe Bailey. How sad. He died so young, right before his 28th birthday. Hey, what does AQHA stand for?"

THEN my mind finally wrapped itself around this tiny but critical fact- Joe Bailey didn't have a "born" date on the marker, he had a "foaled" date!

2007-10-19 12:15:49 GMT