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If you are interested in this dead horse, you might be interested to know...
the story continues

So we bought the "old Ellis place" with Gonzales Joe Bailey's grave site on it. That horse's old headstone was the highlight of many a ranch tour conducted for friends and family.

Three years ago, my husband received a call from John Charles DuBose, our insurance agent from Gonzales. Apparently John and a group of guys had a breakfast club going. Over coffee and tacos they conceived this idea of relocating Joe Bailey's remains to the new J.B. Wells Park. More recognition for both Joe Bailey and the new arena. John asked David if they could have Joe Bailey. David said he would have to check with his wife because, "she's pretty fond of that horse."

David asked me if they could have the horse. My answer was an emphatic, "No!" I liked having that dead horse on my ranch tour! David, knowing me so well, asked if I wasn't being kind of selfish with the horse. Arrggh! I couldn't believe he used the "S" word!

I listened to the plan, and after expressing my stipulation that the memorial site must be REALLY nice, I received John Charles' assurance. David and I gave our blessing. Then I put myself on the committee just to be sure!

And here we are.... two and a half years later. My how time flies when your having fun!

2007-10-19 18:24:32 GMT